Grains of Leather

JPS offers many different leather types and styles, with different hems, thumbs, and stitching. To assist in your glove buying decisions, we strongly urge sample comparison and user field evaluations. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you by phone or email so that you make the best decision for your needs!

Types of Grain







Cuts of Leather

GRAIN: The outer smooth surface of the hide, provides a superior wear resistance compared to split leather.

BELLY: From the sides of the hide, typical thinner and more fibrous. This is the most economical portion of the split leather.

SPLIT: Bottom surface of the hide, high tensile strength. Split is divided into:

SHOULDER:  From the shoulder part of the split leather. More hairy than the side, this is the second best quality of split leather. Often sub-divided into the type of selection like select shoulder, regular shoulder, etc.

SIDE: The best part of split leather, the back, also called butt leather.